Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Who knew? Bowls Tournament

 Who could have imagined that you could stumble across a intense (lawn) Bowls Tournament, smack dab in the middle of Florida?  Well, you can, and here are the pics to prove it.
 While they don't actually play on "lawn" here, they use a surface called Rubicon, which is kind of cement type gravel by product...interesting...and makes for some interesting maneuvouring of the balls (bowls) and test the skills of the competitors...
 all of the participants were particularly friendly and forthcoming with information the games, its origins, the people who were competing and where they all were from.... lovely!
 This nice lady hails from Venice, Italy and was a delight to talk to!

gotta love the bling on this ladies hat!!!!

 the official score boards

Such a fabulous day...the weather was incredible and the sport and the people really made a day to remember... enjoy!!!