Monday, May 11, 2009

Fabulous Fifi

If you are oohing! and aahing! over these lovely images, go visit the fabulous Fifi, here and try not to drool some more! I thought you (Suzy), in particular, you know who you chintz lovers are!) might enjoy some soft, romantic images after all these modern, stark images we have shared here lately!
I am in love with these as much as all the sleek modern masterpieces we normally feature, maybe it's just nostalgia (read old age) creeping in!:)


  1. Tink;

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Thought I would leave a footprint on yours.
    We are fellow Aquarians and we both love chintz and sleek modern looks.
    I have found a decorative soul mate!

  2. Lovely reminds me of spring :-)

  3. Soo pretty and romantic. I would love to decorate in those light shades, but with two kids, it's not happening. Too bad.

  4. I was looking at all the pics you posted and WOW! I didnt even realized places like that exsisted! Cool! I like the transparent one. Wish I had 4 billion bucks layin around to buy it dont you? :)oh hey i noticed you have Adsense too!!sweet so do I. Is it workin out 4 ya? well, i'll be sure to practice my clicking on the way out 4 ya. If your lookin 4 a good laugh today though u should check out my blog. its about my son and pretty cute/funny. And i hope you'll do some AD searching as well while u visit ;). Good Luck in all that u do AND enjoy the blog!

  5. I just love the whole shabby chic look.