Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Sarasota time

so anyway, was down in the Sarasota area for a few days....
of course the weather was sublime even though it was January..
this group were super entertaining and very authentic... everyone enjoyed them 
all these were just a few of the fantastic things that were to be found at the fabulous weekly Saturday Farmer's Market...great food, great flowers, great fun, great dogs...

great veggies
cute birdies
and orchids and orchids and orchids...amazing

this fella ....

 and this fella!!!
and of course, bread!!!! I had some incredible spanakopita!!!!and a great time!!!

Monday, February 4, 2013

Dudley Farm

 Who knew?  There are always so many wonder place to go visit - even if its just down the street and it doesn't hurt that there are so many great things to take pics of...  This is the path that leads to the historic Dudley Farm-while I didn't gather up any facts and figures for you, (I was on assignment and pressed for time) I did take as many pics as time would allow before the actual event started.  It didn't hurt that it was quite chilly and early, so the light was very kind and lovely....

outside the "baccy" barn (tobacco for you who are familiar with this particular southern entity)

     A cartful of barrels outside the baccy barn
 baccy drying
 gourds drying- these were commonly split open and used as (rather large) ladles/spoons

 love me wagon wheel

 the original family farm house
 the old garden tool shed-very important place on the farm...

The flowers here don't know that its not quite spring yet....camellias were everywhere...

and these tiny daffodils (I am sure they have a real name, but Ms Green fingers here does not know what that would be)

More camellia bushes lead to the back of the farmhouse...


 what southern home would be complete without spanish moss draped trees?
 the old wash tub and watering can- poised and ready to be put to work

 a great use for an old wheel- to wrap the modern day hose around...
 check out the ripples in the glass....love it
the welcome from the front porch

 inside the old farmhouse...while you are not allowed to the upstairs area...the stairs are super steep-you would have to a steady gait to make it up there in a hurry!

 the parlor- which also had a piano, but it was touch to get it into the shot...Love the light!

 a bedroom..
 another of the downstairs bedroom...check out the shoes and the chamber pot!!
 the bath tub in the master in front the fireplace..
   the baby's crib in the master
 inside plumbing in those days
 the laundry room!!!
 the smoke house...

 the farm could not function without the army of volunteers who gladly give their time

looking up at the front of the farmhouse....check out the bird cage...

what a great place...would love to go back again and get some more information-hope you enjoyed it!
this trip back in time....