Tuesday, January 28, 2014

DeSoto State Park

Fort De Soto Park- located on The Gulf of Mexico marks the spot where Hernando de Soto (born 1500-died in Arkansas 1542), and his expedition landed along their extraordinary trail from 1539 -1540. Their trail which started around the tip of Florida on the west coast, wound its way up through Tampa, to Tallahassee, and finally, Pensacola
While these cardboard figures cut a very (scarey) likeness... it's kind of fun to walk the trails and happen upon these...kind of makes you startled a little!!! when you see them here and there along the walkways.
The park is just lovely...surrounded by pristine waters, it is truly a treasure to take the one mile trek around the perimeter of the park. 

 At the end of the trail is the gift shop and museum which houses a few items from the time of deSoto...
including some examples of their weapons and armor...
All in all a great day out for a nice walk (a trip back in time with renactment) and fun for young and old alike!
Cost - Free!