Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bollywood - Watch out!!!

Okay, well its not Bollywood, but there are pics.. promise....blogger is dragging its skinny little behind and not letting me upload new photos...but anyway...all the indian dancing (which I love) has me jonesing so bad for more bollywood style music, so besides having a little shaking of the le had to buy some CD s so I can Bollywood my butt when I am house cleaning ...!!!!

More Dancing - Indian Style

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Indian Festival

Well summer is never complete without a festival or two...and here in 
 Sarasota and Bradenton, or was no exception ....with the fabulous Indian Festival...
above is a hand painted peacock image...and you know how much I love me some peacock images....
 This lovely Namaste poster for the event was created by a local High School female is very clever and lovely!
 The stage before the festivities begin.....
The festival gets under way with announcements and history...

 The beautiful young ladies lead a prayer to Ganesh....

 Lamps are lit to bless the event.
 This lady performed a poem and a dance as tribute to the gods of the Himalayas

 I loved the energy and dance of these Punjab style energetic and so coordinated

This is post # 1 - will work on posting more of the pics of the rest of the event...dances...and more.and dont forget to check back soon for a very special giveway competition...the kind where you don't have buy anything and there really is a prize!!