Sunday, March 29, 2009

Art Show Three

These lovely oil paintings by Chinese painter, Kevin Liang, currently living in Brooklyn, NY are lovely enough by themselves, but the addition of his poetry to his paintings inscribed in Chinese characters add an addtional depth and personal element.
While I was unable to find any translations of his poems,(he had them printed in English at the show, and they were lovely). See lots more paintings at his website.

Art show - Episode Number Two

As promised, (for those of you paying attention at least), here is the second in a (#)number of several (?) reviews of the recent art show attended by yours truly. This particular post features "The painter of little jewels, Stephen Koury." Of course, the fact that he has a lovely butterfly piece, automatically elevates his standing for me, but the intricacy and phenomenal detail in his work is indeed nothing short of spectacular, I mean SPECTACULAR!

A former baseball coach, Koury's internationally-acclaimed, award-winning paintings, are rendered in gouache, and by the way, did I mention they are spectacular!

Several of his works are owned by celebrities, (much too important to list here!).

Take a minute out of your crazy, hectic day and pay a visit here to enjoy more of Stephen's work! You'll be glad you did!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Art show-Part One

In light of the fact that I could not take any pictures (at the exhibitor's request) at the recent Spring Art show, I will bring you one artist a day, starting with Kana Handel.

Don't you just love the simplicity and innocence her paintings portray.
Kana, originally from Tokyo, is a graphic artist and freelance illustrator, particularly for publishing firms that specialize in children's issues.
Kana states that she "believes we all still have a beautiful child's heart inside of us, even if we are grownups. When people look at my work and I see their eyes shining like a child's, it makes me very happy." Primarily working in arcylic gouache and sumi-e (ink painting), on washi paper, the results speak for themselves.

Visit Kana's website here.

Awesome Arches!

this must have taken a real craftsman to trim this opening...


not only indoors, outdoors rocks an arch !
following the stair moment (the top pic one even has it's own stair), the latest popup seems to be arches, architecturally some of these would present a challenge to create no doubt. Inspiring nonetheless!

stairs to make you stare!

for some reason a whole bunch of stair images kept appearing during the last few blogisits, so I thought I should share them, some of them are just unusual, some simple, some unbelievable, and some, gorgeous....

floating! amazing


not technically a stair, but a balcony from an interior room...

I think this is my curvy..

but I really love the romantic nature of this one!

(BTW, for anyone who's counting and is remotely interested in such matters, this is my blog post number "ONE HUNDRED"!) We should have a partay!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Butterfly Loveliness

Tibi silk dress $415

butterfly horn server, Siecle $122

Fendi Bracelet $330. Fendi Belt $280

DVF Butterfly Print Dress $365

While I was daydreaming through the shopping over at Vivre it seems that there is a butterfly movement afoot! Not quite a fairy, but wings nonetheless.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Wild, wonderful window Displays at Selfridges

Don't you just love when stores do incredible window displays? The ones here are on display at Selfridges in London and are designed by Sarah McCullough, Michael Ryley, and Emily Forgot. More

Outdoor Loveliness

Ooh! great outdoor roomscape!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Skyline Residence

This incredible home (?), sorry, stunning work of art, the Skyline Residence is credited to Belzberg Architects. The structure in the Hollywood Hills, California is a veritable salute to all that is Hollywood, down to the outdoor screen room, (think drive-in, for those that remember those)!

ooh! love this! and
Love this outdoor living area!

To enjoy even more of this fab home, go to here.
and when you're done, go
(thanks Kate!) for a great uplifting and funny post!