Sunday, March 15, 2009

Help, I need Help!

I am experiencing a little dilemma, and need your help. Finally, I have decided to give my interior design business some legs! I have my website all done, and "interiordesignista", "designandrestyle", are two that have still available, but I am not in love with either one. All the other pointers indicate using your own name, but I hate my name, first and last, and my initials don't work either.

My main focus will be redecorating and staging, rather than complete remodels, but that might not be relevant. Any suggestions gladly welcome!
Thanks in advance! Have a great week!


  1. I love Tinkalicious...guessing that won't work huh! Love the bedroom picture..would love waking up there! If I come up with a name I will let you know.

  2. Tinkalicious Designs sounds yummie to me

  3. What about the area you live in Like if you lived in the bay area, you could have

    Or something like that.

    I just took the initials of my business name and used that. Sew Your Heart Out became SYHO. What about something like that. Mine is actually SYHO Customs, so you could put a fancy spin on your initials. That might work.


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  5. designandrestyle sounds good if you want it to sound more formal. Otherwise, Tinkalicious sounds really nice, more personal. Good Luck!

  6. thanks y'all for the input. I am just afraid that anything tink, or especially tinkalicious sounds too flip and not really professional. I had an idea of using Amethyst something, (my birthstone) but not convinced. I know something will come, it always does. Thanks again, it means a lot that you bother to offer you opinion.

  7. How about something simple like Stage Left Designs then follow with something like redecorating and staging your home/office to it's best advantage. Or The Best Side... Staging and/or redecorating. Or The Best Advantage... getting the drift? If you don't want to use your name or the Delightful Tinkalicious Designs, reach out to what it is you want to do... try to use something like what I suggested above.

    Most of all... don't make yourself crazy over this. The right name will pop up when the time is right.


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