Saturday, March 28, 2009

stairs to make you stare!

for some reason a whole bunch of stair images kept appearing during the last few blogisits, so I thought I should share them, some of them are just unusual, some simple, some unbelievable, and some, gorgeous....

floating! amazing


not technically a stair, but a balcony from an interior room...

I think this is my curvy..

but I really love the romantic nature of this one!

(BTW, for anyone who's counting and is remotely interested in such matters, this is my blog post number "ONE HUNDRED"!) We should have a partay!


  1. i'm in for the par-tay!
    i loved the stair pictures, they are so pretty! you don't think stairs are pretty till you see them like that.
    i linked to you in my blog today, come over if you get the chance!
    love The Gnu

  2. I love when architecture and art blend. I think one of my favorite stair cases is the spiral staircase in the Supreme Court building.

  3. Hi-
    Thanks for stopping by my blog and becoming a follower. (That wording sounds funny, right?)

    Anyway, I look forward to visiting-

  4. Some of those are incedible. I especially love the spiral one with the blue/purple lightning. Wowwee!!

    And, hey, congrats on 100 posts! :-)

  5. Congratulations number 100 woohoo. I just love the stairs, and I did stare. Very nice.

  6. These are beautiful photos. I like the wooden criss-cross looking stairs - just so different.