Wednesday, March 11, 2009

table for two

How darling romantic and fun is this set up by Designer, Ricardo Sa Freire? His whimsical, lovely design offers this "Lighthearted Look at Lighting Hungry Hearts ".
He expresses it thus: “Table for two, please. Thank you. Oh, I see you’ve prepared a table which emphasizes the fact that we are in love. Thank you again!”

The “dinner4two”, suggests taking a moment to explore the same-plate, the broken heart glass, and the snug split-line table. Kisses!
A relationship with a lover's table one may never have had before. First, no backs to the seats.
“If you are want to lean somewhere lean forward,” so sayeth Sa Freire. The plates are one, so prepare to share. The red cup has a broken heart when it’s left alone, so drink up the win together.
And the table: it has a line down the middle to invite invasion. And it’s low to the ground, and cozy underneath and on top. Invites for after-dinner. See you there."

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