Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hollywood Glamour in New Jersey

You know I am loving this staircase!..

Yummy art work!

Love this dining room!
Circles and Squares, how cool?

that ceiling is some kind a lovely!

While you might be forgiven for thinking this loveliness resides in glamo Hollywood, it is in fact, located in suburban New Jersey. See more of architect's James Paragano work here, who worked with designer Patti Smith to create these sumptuous rooms! Glam, shmam, no matter, just glam and gorgeous!


  1. Wow! That staircase is gorgeous! And that last photo with those doors leading out to that amazing outdoor space is stunning.

  2. I do love the entry and the shiny floor.

  3. I love that table and chairs and he doorway is just beautiful! Love your pictures