Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Office POD

Ever wish you could have your own personal office space but either don't have the room or don't think you could swing the cost of an addition? Well, for just 14950 pounds sterling (about $22000 US) plus installation and VAT, you could have one of these natty little units in your backyard!

Designed by Tate and Hindle for OfficePOD, this stylish space offers beautiful and practical design, with all the comforts of a dedicated home office!

For lots more information, visit here!


  1. I love that thing. I don't need it at home. I'd like to have it in place of my cubicle at work.

    Thanks for following!

  2. Hmm...I would have to think about that. I kind of like my office inside, but the design is quite attractive....Hm....

  3. I wonder if I can pimp it out with a small bathroom, tv, fridge.... Then that could be my time out area. :-)