Saturday, April 17, 2010

H'yall! Well I think I finally (maybe) made It!

You know, how ya think, (and overhear about a million peeps say it, especially when they don't realize that you are the artist) "well, I could take that photo"?!, especially with all the digital technology available?
I think than finally have a eensty, teeny, tiny bit of bragging rights, (perhaps a little late!) , after taking about, well, maybe 7 or 8 thousand, gazillion photos in the last year (with a $200 camera), I made it! One of my (many) images was sold at our gallery! As well as being really chuffed on a personal level, it really means that perhaps, I was not dreaming all these years! and just y'all wait and maybe you will see more of my work yet! oxoxoxoxoxo tinki!
BTW, this is not even one of my best pics, but they are especially local and lovely!


  1. congratulations , Tinky!
    the lucky one that got your work must to be very happy now !!
    kisses .
    i bet you're going to sell much more !