Sunday, January 30, 2011

Entertainment British Style

Although we speak the same language, English, you wouldn't know if from the latest Brit import, Law and Order UK. This crime drama based on the Dick Wolf versions, is loaded with britishisms, some so obscure that they require subtitles! In addition, there is darling Detective Mattie (who always gets lingering stares from the females, just watch!) and Daniel Craig look-a-like, Crown Prosecutor, James Steel. The following Youtube mash up is pretty funny, hope you enjoy! here! It's well worth the two minutes!


  1. That video is awesome! But it got one translation wrong: "knackers" doesn't mean "pants"! It means something much ruder. :)

  2. Oh, I know...but maybe they wouldn't let them say it, but I think have bollocks is in there, so....?!! I think they must have got their knickers (knackers) in a twist!
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