Saturday, February 28, 2009

Messy Messy Messy

I have been having severe "Spring cleaning Fever", not surprising when my house resembles this,

not this...

In an attempt to discover the secret of de-cluttering, I have taken the tips offered at freshome and organized them in a simple list:

1. Be ruthless and chuck anything you will NOT use anytime in the future
2. Do NOT buy anything too large for your home's size
3. Do NOT buy impulsively (guilty)
4. Create separate storage space for the stuff you cannot bear to chuck
5. Decorate around a central piece. (a pile of junk doesn't count)
6. Multi purpose your furniture
7. Maximize space, get rid of clutter, that is: stuff you do NOT need
8. In case, you missed it, get rid of clutter!

In my house I would say I would have to get rid of just about everything, because I have way too much stuff that truly I could live without, and I doubt it will ever look like this...

but you gotta start somewhere!

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