Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Minimalist Gorgeousness in Toronto

I am in love with this staircase!

This wonder of loveliness, minimalist home on Russell Hill by gh3 in Toronto, Canada, makes me want to completely clear out my whole house, and chuck everything except the absolute bare minimum of stuff. Alas, as a tinker, we cannot bear to part with anything, and I mean anything, so it is not to be. Maybe in my next life. Images courtesy:Daily Icon.


  1. Awesome pictures, love the staircase too, I love black and white!

  2. I am on a (possibly ridiculous) mission to find the definitive collection of white rooms and design elements (see my other blog, to see some of the results). However, it needs some tempering to avoid antiseptic central, and black works marvellously well. Of course, I couldn't actually live in any of these rooms as I can't even wear white slacks without spilling some disgusting fluid or stuff on them before I can actually get out of the house, but one can dream, can't one?