Monday, June 29, 2009

Casa G Norway

This little bit of loveliness is Casa G, Bergen, Noruega (Norway) by
Todd Saunders. Check out that view of the lake! Not so keen on the snow mind!


  1. Oh... How i wish i have a home like this one...

  2. I love it all...and I am keen on the snow!

  3. oo la la, how beautiful, you know I love me the black and white... love the difused picture too you can see 3 kids jumping on the bed...LOL Lovely Tink

  4. Hi!
    I'm glad you visit my blog and follow me. Your's so nice.

  5. Are the snow pictures your way of coping with the heat?

  6. i loved the snow , the house is cute, but looks like the houses here in sao paulo , and fron inside , looks like my father's houses , he draws like this . what make me tired .
    but i think we always get wondered by what is harder to get , that 's the reason the snow makes me dream more than any house .we are in winter here , and no snow ( like the last 1000 years ) .
    i have seem your lasts posts , you got a exellent taste .when i win the lotery , i am going to hire you for be the disigner of my new houses .and teach me to get better dressed too .
    you're my favorite fairy .
    see you .

  7. Nice place...a refreshing cool on a hot summer day here in the states.

  8. My god! the house is amazing! wish I lived here...