Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Flowers for you, because I am so lame/o!

Okay my fellow bloggees, it is just about as hot as Hades here, and we can virtually manage to get out of the bed in the a.m., let alone the house, so here are some early spring images from my eastern trip! Sorry to be so g-d lame with le postings, but southern climes only allow for a few hours a day of cognisant thought! The rest of the time is consumed with ways to combat the heat! Excuse me while I go lie down on the tile floor, just so I can breathe! and it's nine o'clock at night!
We only have dreadfully wilted flowers here, but the grass is growing faster than daylight!


  1. We live in the Midwest and it's just steamy here too! My cat is sleeping on the tile right now so I'll have to wait my turn!

  2. It is HOT, HOT, HOT in Ohio, too. Too hot to go to the pool - you would dehydrate walking from the car!

  3. Houston, Tx, and all the humidity She can muster...

    MISERY!!! LOL!!!

  4. being in the Northeast... better to have Hot, Hot, Hot than RAIN,RAIN, RAINNNNN!!!!!

    24 days of it.
    I need me some sun.

  5. All humidity here - you should see the women's hair frizzing up! lol