Monday, August 31, 2009

Illustrator -Michael Sanderson

The genius talent responsible for these coveted images is Michael Sanderson. Born in Colorado Springs, CO, Michael began drawing at the age of 2, keeping up this practice throughout his whole life, drawing every chance he’d get, to the dismay of nearly all his teachers.

At age 18, with a miniscule GPA of 1.3, and a steady portfolio of work he dropped out of high school and set out to study at The School Of The Art Institute Of Chicago. With hopes of majoring in fashion design, only to find that they too, do not approve of excessive amounts of drawing in class. Instead of drawing produce with charcoal he opted to drop out once more in pursuit of a career in illustration.

Since Spring 2007 Michael has been an active illustrator in the world of fashion/lifestyle and corporate illustration. His clients such as Victoria’s Secret®, and many Tokyo based clients.

Visit Michael's site here.


  1. Yep, "genius" is the right word. These are fabulous!

  2. How lovely to have you visit me; now, I get to stop by, enjoy your fashion sense, your every flavor of gelato and feel as though I died and went to heaven with my taste buds intact.

    Glad to know you!