Tuesday, October 13, 2009



Chocolate and Grey Goose! Yeah!

The ubiquitous shoe Shot!

Having been (at last) hired to photograph a local wedding, (bargain basement, rookie rates apply), I can only hope that I can capture at least one image as fantastic as one of 2009's greatest wedding photogs, Apertura (love that name!) manages to do with every frame they shoot! Love, love the candid and special moments they seem to capture with every shot! They have loads more lovely, special images over at their website, Stay awhile, it is so worth it, (I was there a Loooooonnnnnnng time! but maybe mute the tunes! Personally, I prefer my web visits unaccompanied by tunes!!!! but that's just me!!! oxo


  1. I'd love to do local photography but haven't gotten into it yet. Good luck with the photo shoot!