Thursday, February 3, 2011

Mirror, mirror on the wall or the floor?

(Phillipe Starck-who else?)

this is the one that got me started thinking about how I feel about floor mirrors...
and this one you already saw! but it's worth reshowing

While the narcissus in all of us cannot get too many mirrors in our decor, isn't there some Feng Shui that comes into play also? Regardless, the addition of an enormous oversized almost floor (to ceiling) mirror always add a great deal of glamour, light and a sense of exceptional space, and I love it, in every room!


  1. I'm a big "big mirror" fan too. These are gorgeous examples.

  2. Oh how fab, I LOVE these huge mirrors! I'm especially enamored by the one in the bedroom in the third pic you posted. Definitely swoon-worthy =D

    xo Linda