Saturday, December 10, 2011

Packaging Award Winners-Dieline! 2011

absolutely inspriing! Love it! Sugar....

Funny, practical and cute!  (get it?) shoots and leaves....

 Everyone loves them some nutella, even more in this packaging, which has to bring a smile to your face!
Not your everyday Pizza box! brilliant and appetizing!

Love = the tub!

How ingenious and why didn't we think of that?
 Ok, Coca cola you don't need the publicity but I love the integration of the sport and sporting equipment....

 Sexy and practical, how on earth?  and trendy packaging to boot! Beyond brilliant!

 Given a choice, I would say this is my favorite, just because of the gardening/cleaning references, as applied to skin care....who would have thought? I had to look more than twice until I figured it out exactly!
 makes having a cold so much more fun! - tissues/Kleenex? did you get that?

Practical, sensual, eco friendly and stylish, table ware for the now!

 sorry- couldn't resist...but the one below makes up for this...

 see close up - flaps can be custom used for your own work/sign!

 Do they even still make absinthe? isn't it like moonshine? but whatever? it's so cool, just to have the bottle on display would be great!

 Sexy, and really made me look twice, prob my second most fave after the sugar box/sachets.....


golden lovely................

Dynamite dairy

who wouldn't be complete inspired by the genius that is represented here in this packaging award series-I am just amazed and in awe of the brilliance of all of them....for me to even pick one would be impossible, I did choose the clever, the ubiquitous and the just genuinely practical-what do you think? any faves?
All the rest and more

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