Monday, July 29, 2013

Florida Museum of Photographic Arts

There is a small (in terms of its physical displays) museum devoted to photography located on Ashley Drive In Tampa.   They do not permit photography of the works on display, which is usually the case, but the two floors of the museum are located in a very large bank building with an interesting coffee shop in the lobby and lots of architectural elements that had me snapping away...
the coffee shop-love the red and white

 the view from the second floor
 the view from the screen that divides the shop from the was so interesting how the circles appeared, even though the windows behind had no circles or round shapes to create these images...

 I like the Red and white Coca cola machine logo popping up behind the booth...
 the reflection of the outside in one of the flat screen TV's in the coffee shop

 the enormous round windows in the lobby
 the bank reception area from the 3rd floor

 one of the posters on the front entrance window, this is a huge image...

 Mid century modern furniture graces the upper lobby area

 an old bank vault is the lobby for a real estate company located in the basement of the building
 how cool is that?

Ok, that's all I got for photos at the Photo museum...Enjoy!

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