Monday, July 8, 2013

Turks and C Part III-Queen's Birthday Parade

The Governor hands out medals
Cute baby!
The scouts with their flags
 The school girls line up in their school adorable
and the boys in their uniforms too

 the cub scouts in their unforms, so proud they were
 I love the expressions on all the childrens faces...they kind of knew I was there, but they tried to not look at me...

This guy was such a great dancer... everyone was clapping for him...the pictures don't capture just how good he really was, but maybe you can an idea of his moves...

So, who knew?  the Queen (of England- Elizabeth) has two birthdays, one of which was celebrated in great grand style on Grand Turk on June 10th- it was so nice...a gorgeous evening...and the high school playing field was carpeted with astro turf-it is too hard to make grass grow on GT- Hope you enjoy!

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