Thursday, July 30, 2009

Blairgowrie Court Residence by Frank Macchia

Another lovely from downunder, Blairgowrie Court Residence by Frank Macchia.


  1. Absolutely stunning! The sunken indoor outdoor tub is unbelievable.

  2. When can I move in?

  3. I love it.

    It's what I wish my house looked like.

  4. Oh! What an amazing bathroom. :D you just gave a big push to my self-pitying self. :( But hey, there is always hope.

    Hey Tink, thank you for stopping by at my blog and joining my followers list. You have a very interesting blog here. :) Glad you found me.

  5. thanks for popping over to my blog. I have been so busy trying to chase the sun (an impossible task lately) that I have paid little attention to my blog home. Please stick with me and as the Winter rolls around you will be wondering when I will go away.

    Stop by any time, leave lots and lots of comments and if you let me know you are coming I will make a pot of tea - or coffee - or get you a pop.. oh you get the point!