Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Regular visitors to tinki know that I don't normally post anything too (or oh so) personal here! or at the very least, extremely major events!

Tink's mission is usually to deliver as much fantasy and escape from the real world as possible and deliver it to you, faithful followers!

While it may not be as exciting and wonderful as the one I bring you here everyday, I do, in fact, actually have a real life.....and the opportunity to share one of my very important lifetime achievements (vicariously though it may be) is my oldest son's graduation from the US Army basic training camp at Fort Knox, KY, this past week seems fitting as something wonderful and personal to share.

As emotional as the whole thing was, the travelling and scheduling about put me under the bus, but it was nothing compared to what I suffered bringing this poor lad into the world! Nevertheless, I was never as proud and moved, knowing that my boy stuck it out and made it through ten weeks of hard slog with a big smile on his face. He is the fourth from the left/third from right! the cute one in the middle! just in case you were wondering!


  1. Congrats, Mama!!! I know you're proud! Soldiers have a special place in my heart...too bad he's not a Marine....;c)~

  2. Congratulations Tink! A pleasant surprise to see a personal post on your blog. :D I thoroughly enjoyed reading your thoughts. I think this has made you a little bit more human in my mind (So, far I was sure you were related to the fairy Tink. Such beautiful interesting things you talk about) Will wait for the next such personal touch. Very special.

    PS - your son looks handsome. :)

  3. You must be such a proud mama. Best of luck to him.

  4. He's very handsome in that uniform. congratulations.

  5. Congratulations, and he is very handsome. I know how proud you must be!

  6. I can't even spend 10 weeks sitting in a chair. Congrats to your son.