Friday, September 18, 2009

Facebook HQ

Although I have resisted the trend to put my little tinki self on the social network site, Facebook, there are apparently 200 million plus people who couldn't resist, and hence the necessity for their 850 employees to have a beautiful and inspiring place to spend their days! Too bad I live so far away, maybe I could have gotten a job there! Still, below are the architects description of how they came to create the images seen here and what they had in mind!

See more from O+A here!


  1. Wow it's just gorgeous. Lucky employees!

  2. That was interesting. I did join Facebook because my adult kids are on it and send messages and post pictures. But I don't go to it very often because a large part of the concept totally escapes me.

  3. How interesting!! I am always surprised when I see your posts..

    Special Tink deserves a special award at my blog.. ITs waiting for you! Please come and take a look :) I hope you like it..

  4. wow! came here from Rohiniz pics and i luv FB rather than orkut or rest of the sn'z

  5. tinkyyy !!!

    i loved LOOOOOVED the windows of the first picture .
    thank you for to show this . i always imagined they worked in a grey office .
    i don't know if you have interest , but if one day you want to visit me on facebook ( that i didn't care too , till few months ago ) , look for caio fern .
    i don't acept any one , just sensitive and creative people . would be a honnor for me .
    i see you think important to make people see your blog . me too .
    i have a blog on , it is a cheep clone of my blogspot , but the good thing is that when i post there automaticly post at twitter and facebook too , helping to atract new people to see my blogspot blog ( my dear love ) .
    i discovered the blogfrog fron your blog , and i am there now because of you ( but i didn't find you , i would love to add you as a friend ) . so i am telling you this all ( if you didn't know , what i doubt because you are very smart ) , just for to say : thanks Tink !!!
    i adore you !!!

  6. WOW. that's just amazing!!! wish i was working for Facebook instead of being addicted to it.

  7. Lucky employees. I know they have 300 million users but I didn't think they turned a huge profit yet? Regardless, I'd work there :-)