Sunday, September 27, 2009

CG architectural awards

Winner "the Neighbourhood"

Wallbrook's Uniform

sanders.shiers. uk exterior winner

Wallbrook's Uniform

Architectural image and best architectural interior image winner, Juan Altieri, Uruguay.

David Carbayo Escudero

Oliver Defay recently awarded a whole bunch of awards to several areas of CG architectural feats. The winner of the best overall architectural film animation
and industry choice was UK based, "The Neighbourhood", (that is not a typo, but the proper English spelling). These images cannot even begin to do justice to the spectacular creations that were offered for consideration. See all of the entries here!
The big winner here!

Winner for best editing and most original film animation treatment was another UK submission, Wallbrook Uniform here

And in the architectural image category, the winner was Juan Altieri from Uruguay, who also received the "best architectural interior image award", personally I loved France's Oliver Defay's depiction of Paris, (the last image) who took home "best original image treatment".

Glad you can enjoy some fascinating works, sorry if you have to leave here to go appreciate them in all their glorious beauty!

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