Saturday, September 19, 2009

Awards and Thankyous!

Well, I think my Blog is pretty beautiful, at least I try to make it that way, but I wouldn't claim to be a "beautiful blogger" as such! but beautiful blogger, "Rohini" over at thought me worthy enough to bestow this award upon my humble little blog! and I can only say, I love it, and thank you so much!
While your there visiting, check out some of her other links/awardees, they are all pretty wonderful too!
oxo, have a great weekend y'all!


  1. I am glad you love it tink :) You deserve this and many more.. surely they will find their way to beautiful you :)
    Enjoy your weekend! C yu soon..

  2. Congratulations! It goes to show that you are appreciated.

  3. Congrats on your well deserved blog. It's IS beautiful!