Thursday, April 2, 2009

Beauty Bargains

Ok, ok, I know that y'all looking for lovely pictures of lovely rooms and houses, or some fab art, but let's digress for just a momento here and admit that (cumon peeps) we (gals) all love a bargain, and I for one, absolutely cannot live without my cosmetics, as I am sure many of you cannot. (We don't acutally need them as such, as we are naturally spectacular, but we feel better with them as our friend).

Given the fact that being able to save some serious $$$ can be difficult with (notoriously expensive) name brands, have no fear that some gals have our butts (and faces) covered, with the opportunity to save up to 85% over retail, such sites as (who carry such brands as Smashbox, Sue Devitt, Stila, Hard Candy and Trucco) can help those who are cosmetically challenged. Go here to see all their stuff.

Although they don't officially sell cosmetics themselves, this site offers coupons, specials and product reviews (including giveaways) to be found at all kinds of places, if you don't believe me, you need to go here !

Last, and probably far from least, the peeps at "beautycrunch" offer substantial discounts on Duwop, MAC and Too Faced, go here and shop 'til yous drop!

If you know of any other fab face friendly (cosmetic) sites we can link to, let us know!

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