Monday, April 20, 2009

Mad Money Skills

After yesterday's lovefest, blog recog, thingamagigimawhatsit, best thought it's best to return to the Tinki (licious) world of all things lovely and escapist type stuff. OK, well, without further ado, what else can we possibly bring you that doesn't make you fall asleep in your Cheerios/Martinis?
Howbouththisymathingmabob for just a bit of diversion?

We all know the dollar (and whatever currency is your local tender, but as a matter of course, money in general) isn't worth what it was, but to make stuff out of it, well, at least it's one way to use up that loose change!Penny Bowl!

Dollar Pillow

Don't you love this chair made from fifteen hundred (one thousand fifteen hundred, half dollars welded together, although it might be a bit cold and hard, how can you deny the artistry and time it took?

Seven thousand nickels welded together to make this graceful lounger"? Yikes, how long would that take?

This chandelier (jardalear!)? is made out of baby food jars, no less!
Visit Johnny's site here to see more of his works.


  1. Hi Tink - Lurve your blog it's beautiful! I've just had a read and a few laughs... Flaming Nora I wonder where the furniture designer gets his ideas from - these designer folks brains are wired differently to get these amazing results.

    Thanks for the award though I'm sorry that I must say no at the moment, I do have a wee doohickey on my sidebar which kinda explains that I no longer participate in awards or tags etc. I did previously accept them but I was spending a lot of time setting them up and then awarding the awards to others that I was missing blogging time.

    I'm sorry I can't accept your offer but I'm sure you will be able to find another blog nut who will be able to accept the award.

    Love Kate x.

  2. These are so cool to look at! I could totally afford the penny bowl. The others, maybe not so much... Thanks for stopping by my blog this morning!

  3. The babyfoodjarchandelier is pretty cool. The chairs and the bowl?... I'd have to take a blow torch to them. You know how many bottles of wine and bourbon you could get out of those? I'll drink on the floor.


  4. i love the money art- it puts it all in perspective - making money work for you!

  5. Now I have never seen this before. How cool is that sofa and chair. A lot of work but more of an imagination. Really cool.