Monday, April 6, 2009

Heckler Designs OneLessDesk

interesting pen! (very hi tech!)

I just had to share this wonderful, simple, stylish and practical desk. The creation of Dean Heckler of Hecklerdesigns(located in Phoenix, Arizona)
The OneLessDesk is super cool!
I love the special touches, such as the ingenious wire tidying design, the accessories (iPod, iPhone stands), the way you can use your laptop and hook up to a bigger screen.
Though I doubt Dean would like to donate one (the white one please, Dean!) to this unemployed blogger, if I actually had any money, the price of $649 for one of the four laser-cut metal masterpieces seems reasonable. There is even a special edition, all-stainless model available for a mere $1135.
Dean even has his own blog! We love you Dean...can someone wordpress him with a comment for me!


  1. gosh I haven't seen a pen like that since jr high school...LOL pretty cool desk that would be awesome in clear lexan!

  2. Hi Tinkalicious!
    Thanks for all the kudo's. Google Alerts led me here.
    Did you see the new colors I announced today?
    Sorry, even though you have a very cute avatar, I can't send you a freebie. But I would like to know your favorite desk color, now that there are three more to choose from. Also, I'd like to hear your idea for future colors.
    The matching printer stand "OneLessStand" and a cool little matching hanging file "OneLessFile" should be reality in a just a few weeks. All of the pieces will nest together.
    My contact info is at hecklerdesign. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Thanks again for the post.

  3. Cool desks!!! I could definitely see one in my office. The cord wrap is a good idea. Maybe, I will just get out some duct tape for the white trash method of hiding the cords. I have the funniest post today for the potty training bloggers. Promise it will CRACK YOU UP!!! Thanks again for the cool art that you post. I can be a crafty arty person when I want. I will post some stuff that I have done sometime. But, for now - I have some crude teenage story to get out of my head.