Thursday, April 2, 2009

Sculpaper Art

These fascinating and intricate works are by Japanese artist, Noriko Ambe. I love the white on white "sculpture", and the carved book is amazing. The cutaway face is a pretty creepy but clever.

Ambe explains thus: "For the new type of Yupo paper sculpture project, using metal cabinets with drawers, called “Flat file globe" series has started since the last solo show 2006. The work is a metaphor of human body and also the cross section of consecutive time stream and present. That is collaborating with minimal industrial materials and my organic cutting lines. I also came to use negative forms deriving from cutouts also. I entitle them "Sculpaper." The works multiply day by day."


  1. Very interesting, the book is very cool. I went to the exhibit on the human body. Where the whole bodies were disected, very interesting. All the nerve fiber in our bodies and everything else is truly amazing!

  2. I love how your postings are around a theme like all clear art objects or flowers.