Friday, April 17, 2009

Lakeside Loveliness-Ott Residence

Every room in this house has a view of the lake.
The windows in the parlor room are custom designed with help from Weather Shield.
Every line, curve, and detail in the home was carefully planned for and thought out.
Dominick Tringali Architects, based in Bloomfield Hills, Mich., is known for its details and highly crafted custom homes. And its work on the Ott Residence is no exception. Built on one of the largest lakes in Michigan — Lake St. Clair —Paul Samartino, Associate AIA, lead designer, created views of the lake in every room in the home.


  1. How pretty, love the staircase.. would love to be having my coffee right now, looking at the lake!

  2. That view...I would never walk away from the windows.

  3. Tink,
    I love the chandelier in the first pic

  4. Fabulous house! Great details. Every ceiling is a masterpiece.