Wednesday, April 8, 2009

pink and turquoise?

Maybe it's because it is coming up Easter, but I keep seeing pink/fuschia and turquoise together. I think I'm loving it, it just seems so happy for some reason! I think the softer, subtler
tones work even better than the loud, in-your-face colors, but all quite charming!


  1. very nice, right down to the plastic spoon arrangement :-)

  2. Pink and turquoise are a great color combo! The blue/brown look has been so big lately. I liked having something different in my house. So, tired of the white cabinets and stainless steel that every stepford puts in their new homes. Tempting to paint the kitchen cabinets turquoise? But, I bet I would have to repaint to sell. Cabinet painting is a big project. Maybe... the walls. I like to think that I can just sell and flee the country at anytime.