Monday, April 6, 2009

Razor Residence as Art

This stunning home (?) palace is the Razor Residence by Wallace E. Cunningham. Overlooking Black's Beach in La Jolla, California, the 11,000 square foot residence is described as "Residence as Art". The glass walls are spectacular, and the infinity pool is terrific! Love it! Price $32 mill!


  1. Absolutely beautiful views and stunning house but I wouldn't pay over 28.5 mil for it! LOL

  2. I worry when my own house needs a repair who to call? I can't imagine the price or difficulty finding someone to make a quality repair on a house this fabulous!!!

  3. I have a house about 5 miles inland from the Razor that is only a little smaller, but way more affordable. The views are 360 degree but not really ocean unless you are really, really tall. They are all mountain, greenbelt, golfcourse. It was designed by Moshe Safdie's daughter, Taal, and is warm and wonderful in a transitional way. There are not a lot of women architects I've noticed. Anyway, I remarried and don't need it, sooo check out...(oh, click virtual tour, zoom out and use up arrows to see Taal's use of clerestories) I'd love feedback on it and so would Taal.
    Rebecca G.